CATIA Surface Design

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spline Editing in Sketcher

Spline Editing in Sketcher


Use this to ...

  • Edit existing splines in Sketcher.
  • Apply tangencies and curvatures to sketch splines.


  • You should be in the Sketcher workbench.
  • You must have an existing sketched spline.

Process: Adding or Removing Points on Splines

1. Double-click the spline. The Spline Definition dialog displays.


2. In the Points list of the spline definition area, select the point to edit.


3. Activate the required point options, Add point After, Add Point Before, or Replace Point.

4. In the Graphics window, pick the new point. Depending on the activated option, CATIA adds the point before or after the existing point, or replaces the existing point with the new point.

5. Click OK to edit the spline.